I've spent the last two years building underwater robots at HydroRun Technologies here in Vancouver.  So as a side project some friends/colleagues and I have decided to build an underwater ROV as a side project.

The goal: build an autonomous underwater ROV.

The team: a group of friends and colleagues that enjoy building robots.

The plan: start with a tethered ROV to get the mechanics and autonomous algorithms down - then move to untethered. 

So far:

I have built the rough layout of the browser based HUD in JavaScript with wireless joystick integration using gamepad.js.  

Screen Shot 2015-02-07 at 11.11.46 PM.png

The video feed is streamed over ethernet from a Raspberry-Pi, although the picture above shows a stock photo in place of video for testing.  The Pi will be running a web-socket server in Python using Tornado which will pass data between the HUD and the ROV control code also written in Python.

Stay tuned for more as we are just getting things rolling and will have a lot more updates coming shortly.